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· These domestic dramas went overseas in 2019: Foreign netizens shouted "Give me Kangkang" · Chinese workers were nightclubed in South Korea by machinery and pinned down by the unions · Overseas Chinese gave their love to left-behind children in Xiangfu District, Kaifeng, Henan The security situation in some cities is grim. The embassy reminds you to proceed cautiously. · Ministry of Commerce: Landmark of foreign investment law will be implemented from January 1. Couples quarrel and be accused of domestic violence ... 2019 things that make Chinese "head bald" · Thug wants to continue Gathering trouble with the "One Brother" of the Hong Kong Police: Full arrest of illegal elements . From the new year, a number of new regulations will be implemented to save these money! · Members of the Hong Kong Legislative Council scold "Hong Kong independence" face to face: Why don't you "sacrifice"? · The main body of the world's largest span railway arch bridge was 1024.2 meters in length. · China: Highly concerned about "the demonstrations against China in Turkey" · 220 seconds to look back: the events of 2019 CongressFinal inventory of 2019: reviewing the unforgettable expressions of the world • The returnee panda “Babe” moved into a new home • The 2020 version of the import and export tax policy will be implemented from January 1 next yearTwo Sichuan tourists drowned in Bohol Island, Philippines Life jackets are not worn at all times • The Forbidden City announced the key events of 2020: a lot of heavy exhibitions will be filmed TV dramas • The total number of domestic tourists in Peru ’s New Year holidays will reach 1.24 million These places are popular
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